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About us

About us

In January 2020, Setas Mushrooms opened its doors at Falling Waters, West Virginia, with the short-term goal of delivering fresh, dried, jarred, and specialty mushrooms straight to the consumer. Our long-term goal is to reduce the amount of plastic and reliance on resource-constrained material in the world using mycelium as packing material, as building material, and as space material (think satellites).

Our farm

At Setas Mushrooms farm, our team is a family. We are a company of folks who think work should be fun. We enjoy what we do, we know why we do it, and we like spending time together. This synergy and our diversity enable us to always find new ways to grow.

Each of our farmers has a different personality; they all give their touch to this fantastic project we have together. Our partners and mentors, collaborators, industry leaders, and innovators, enable us as a company to grow to meet our short- and long-term goals. Currently, we are on track to get our USDA Organic Farm certification by Summer 2021.

Our world

We believe in our world, and we are always trying to give back to our environment and community. One way we give back is by donating part of our profits to different charities locally, regionally, and around the globe. Our world is you, and we cannot succeed alone. Our vision is bigger than us as we strive to eliminate our reliance on plastics and earth constrained resources and need your help in making the world a better place.